• We make healthy, great tasting food the old fashioned way — by hand in small batches to ensure quality and freshness. Our current offerings include unique granolas and nut blends.

    We believe the best food comes from the best ingredients, which is why we only use premium, local, all natural ingredients — pure maple syrup, whole nuts, Madagascar bourbon vanilla, organic oats or organic quinoa flakes and spices. That’s it and nothing more.


  • Choose from three mouth-watering granolas — each one chock full of nuts:

    • Classic Granola — with 3 types of nuts!
    • Pistachio Granola
    • Quinoa Granola - gluten free!

    Eat it by the handful right out of the bag or top off your morning fruit, smoothie or bowl of yogurt to add some crunch.

    Each one is as good and addictive as the next!

    Can’t decide? Try our granola sampler pack!

  • We dare you not to eat the whole bag once you’ve opened it!

    Sweetened only with the finest pure maple syrup, twofold glazed almonds are the perfect healthy secret weapon to battle your sweet tooth.

    Our glazed almonds are a great complement to any fruit and cheese board or a perfect way to elevate your dessert.

  • There is something about these nuts that we just can’t explain. You have to taste them to experience just the right balance between the herb & spice seasoning and the natural nutty flavor allowing the almonds, cashews and pecans to steal the show.

    Whether pairing our savory nuts with a great craft beer for a happy hour snack, sprinkled on popcorn, mixed into a fresh salad or simply enjoyed straight out of the bag, twofold savory nuts are the ultimate crowd pleaser.